HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules | Title II | Policies and Procedures are Important

The HIPAA Privacy and Security rulings are important components of the entire HIPAA legislation as they effectively require organizations to have in place a number of measures for effectively protecting confidential health information. This information, often known as "protected health information" or PHI and its subset, has required literally thousands of businesses to finally get serious about security.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules | Title II

It's fundamentally important to understand the roots of HIPAA, which ultimately shed light on the now well-known Privacy and Security rulings. HIPAA, which officially stands for "The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" is a landmark piece of legislation signed into law by President Bill Clinton that mandated a number of changes to many areas within healthcare.

The law itself is extremely large and rather long-winded in its writing style, but what's important to note is that within Title II of HIPAA are the Privacy and Security rulings - legislative edicts that - as just mentioned - put forth national standards for protecting confidential health information, such as information that's being held or transferred electronically. What's more, the phrases "covered entity" and "business associate" became well-known, as businesses were labeled one or the other, and with that labeling came explicit requirements relating to the HIPAA Privacy and Security rulings.

Two of the most fundamentally important aspects to gain from the HIPAA Privacy and Security ruling are the following:

  • They require a number of documented HIPAA policies, processes and procedures to be in place for ensuring that confidential health information is in fact being protected.
  • That documented operational and information security policy and procedures documents have been developed and are consistent with the organization's practices.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules | Policies are a Must

Fortunately, the all-inclusive set of policies, procedures, and other supporting documents from FLANK can assist with your HIPAA compliance needs - specifically in regards to the Privacy and Security rulings. HIPAA will continue to be a major regulatory compliance hurdle for many organizations, especially those identified as a "covered entity" and "business associate". However, with the FLANK21 set of documented policies and procedures available for purchase and immediate download from FLANK, these challenging mandates just became easier. We also provide HIPAA consulting services for ensuring your organization is adhering to all stated Privacy and Security rulings as put forth by HIPAA and HITECH, so contact us today.