Texas Medical Records Privacy Act | Texas HB 300

The Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, initially enacted in 2001, now has brought to the table serious regulatory compliance teeth with the enhanced provisions put forth under Texas House Bill 300. Along with an expanded definition of what constitutes a “covered entity” in the state of Texas, significant fines are also in place, along with the need for employee and workforce member training on state and federal healthcare laws, regulations, and rules.

Tall order indeed for Texas businesses, and for non -Texas companies doing business within the state of Texas. It essentially means that Texas businesses will need to get serious – very serious – about ensuring the safety and security of a Protected Health Information (PHI), putting in place comprehensive employee and workforce member training, along with other provisions.

Texas HB 300 | Policies are Critical

First things first, and securing PHI means having in place comprehensive information security policies and procedures, such as the FLANK21 set of documents available for immediate download from FLANK. Containing hundreds of policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates – and more – it’s essential security documents for anyone organization serious about protecting one’s assets. 

Texas Medical Records Privacy Act | Employee Training

Additionally, covered entities in Texas – and those working within the state or having a credible nexus with Texas PHI – will need to undertake employee security training relating to state and federal healthcare laws.