Small Business Compliance Outsourcing Services

FLANK offers industry leading small business compliance services and solutions for helping you save both time and money with growing regulatory requirements. Small businesses simply don’t have the time or resources for effectively managing compliance with the likes of PCI DSS, SOC 1/ SOC 2, HIPAA, CCPA, federal compliance reporting (i.e., FISMA, DFARS 800-171, etc.), and more, but we do. In fact, we help small businesses save hundreds of operational hours and thousands of dollars each year with our proven small business compliance services, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. Small businesses are the engine that make the American economy move forward, so turn to FLANK today for all your regulatory compliance outsourcing needs.

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Services offered by FLANK for small business compliance outsourcing include the following:
  • RFP/RFQ services
  • Regulatory compliance planning & project management
  • Regulatory compliance remediation/internal assessments
  • Procurement services for regulatory compliance (tools, technologies, and personnel)
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance management
  • Completion of vendor security questionnaires
  • Contracted outsourced compliance officer

RFP/RFQ Services

Finding the best products and services at the best possible prices for your business can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. After all, making the wrong choice can cost you thousands of dollars, so doesn’t it just make sense to spend time in putting together the right RFP/RFQ material? It does, and FLANK can help, as it’s one of our core small business compliance services and solutions we offer. Looking for vendors that offer regulatory compliance services – that’s us!

But if you need additional services from other vendors, we can assist also, as most companies that have to perform multiple compliance assessments often have more than one vendor.  But it’s not just compliance services that require RFP/RFQ services. What about software vendors, managed security services providers, data centers, and more? FLANK can secure the right vendor at the right price for your business.

Regulatory Compliance Planning & Project Management

Audit time has come once again, but are you ready? Do you have the resources in place for proper planning and execution of your compliance requirements? If you’re already struggling with your current client workload, how can you reasonably expect to facilitate audits, which can become increasingly demanding and time-consuming? Let that be FLANK’s job. That’s right, we can manage your entire regulatory compliance needs from beginning to end, effectively becoming the go-to project manager you’ve always needed, but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time compliance employee.

We can perform almost anything audit related, such as the following (and remember, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee):

  • Assessing, defining, and confirming audit scope.
  • Collecting materials and providing deliverables to auditors.
  • Reviewing draft audit reports and making necessary changes as required prior to final issuance.
  • Providing transparency, efficiency, and unbiased reporting to upper management on all compliance issues.

Regulatory Compliance Remediation/Internal Assessments

Auditors find issues when auditing – it’s what they’re trained to do. No company ever has a picture-perfect control environment, so expect remediation to be a part of your annual regulatory compliance initiatives. FLANK has years of experience helping businesses remediate internal control gaps and deficiencies, from policy writing to technical implementation on information systems, and more. It’s just another example of our small business compliance services and solutions we offer.

Procurement Services for Compliance

Small businesses will need to procure various services and solutions for regulatory compliance, from software and other related technology products to temporary and/or full-time employees. These can be tedious tasks indeed, taking considerable time and energy away from revenue-generating activities. Let FLANK perform all of your procurement services, saving you both time and money. We also have an extensive network of vendors who offer great products at great prices, along with relationships with staffing agencies and other professional services outsourcing firms.

Ongoing Regulatory Compliance Management

FLANK’s small business compliance services and solutions also consists of ongoing regulatory management services, which is one of the most time-consuming functions for any organization. Completing an annual compliance audit is much more than the end-deliverable, and that’s because there’s much to be done prior to the issuance of a report. FLANK provides the following ongoing regulatory compliance management services:

  • Scheduling and coordinating all aspects of ongoing compliance with both auditors and internal employees.
  • Conducting regularly scheduled compliance testing procedures.
  • Reporting upstream to management any issues, concerns, etc.
  • Assisting and performing all necessary remediation due to any control failure.
  • Enhancing information security policies and procedures as controls change.
  • Working with all external third-parties, such as scanning providers, managed services, and more.

Completion of Vendor Security Questionnaires

Looking to grow your business? Then you’ll need to be prepared to spend time answering information security vendor questionnaires. We’re talking about 30 + pages of detailed questions regarding organizational policies and procedures relating to access rights, network security, data security, incident response, and more. Challenging, demanding, time-consuming – just a few words to describe the process in answering detailed questionnaires from clients and prospects.

There’s got to be a better way, a more efficient process, right? There is, and it begins by letting FLANK personnel answer those dreaded security questionnaires for you. We have years of experience offering high-quality, cost-effective small business compliance services that include completion of vendor security questionnaires. How do we do it? Simple, by collecting the necessary information from subject matter experts in your company, then compiling the information to be used over and over again when the questionnaires are provided to you. And if you’re into growing your business, then vendor security questionnaires are just a way of life in the world of regulatory compliance.

With FLANK’s vendor security questionnaires services, here’s what you can expect:

  • Quick turnaround in answering all client/prospect security questionnaires.
  • Huge operational savings for your business.
  • Effective communication with clients/prospects regarding questions/comments to security questionnaires.

Contracted Outsourced Compliance Officer

Are you like most small businesses and cannot afford the costs of full-time compliance officer? After all, with a high-paying salary, full health and wellness benefits, and more, this type of specialized employee can become extremely expensive. The solution? Hire FLANK at a fraction of the cost and let us become your contracted outsource compliance officer. Give us an internal company email address we can use, let us converse with your internal employees and external clients and prospects regarding compliance, and very quickly the efficiencies will add up, not to mention the savings. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about our industry leading small business compliance services and solutions.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Compliance Efforts

The upside of hiring FLANK for small business compliance services and solutions are plentiful indeed. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Huge cost savings to your bottom line for all aspects of regulatory compliance.
  • Transparency in reporting upstream to management.
  • Efficiency in terms of scheduling, audit documentation collection, and more.
  • Close working relationships with all external third-parties relating to your ongoing compliance efforts.

Take the Next Step with FLANK

Want to learn more about FLANK’s small business compliance services and solutions? Then contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Regulatory compliance is a growing concern for small businesses due to cost and time commitments, so talk to FLANK today about our proven services and solutions. Grow your business and focus on your core competencies, and utilize FLANK’s small business compliance services and solutions for huge savings.

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