HIPAA/CCPA Compliance Outsourcing Services

FLANK provides world-class compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA and other healthcare regulations. With more and more companies now storing, processing, and/or storing Personally Identifiable Information (PHI) - a subset which is that of Protected Health Information (PHI) – compliance with HIPAA and CCPA is now becoming mandatory. Want to save thousands of dollars on healthcare regulatory compliance, then hire FLANK as your compliance outsourcing solutions provider for HIPAA, CCPA and other healthcare related mandates.

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Here’s what FLANK offers for HIPAA/CCPA compliance outsourcing for your business:

  • RFP/RFQ services
  • Regulatory compliance planning & project management
  • Regulatory compliance remediation/internal assessments
  • Procurement services for regulatory compliance (tools, technologies, and personnel)
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance management
  • Completion of vendor security questionnaires
  • Contracted outsourced compliance officer

FLANK is the total solution provider when it comes to compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA, CCPA, and other related healthcare compliance measures.

HIPAA/CCPA Planning & Project Management

Need to undergo annual HIPAA, CCPA or some other type of healthcare regulatory compliance audit each year? Looking for an efficient and cost-effective process that doesn’t break the bank and cause unnecessary operational constraints? Then consider FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions for HIPAA, CCPA and healthcare. Think about how much time and effort you spend on regulatory compliance – quite a bit, no doubt – and it’s becoming more challenging as the regulations are becoming more complex.

FLANK’s project management solutions are just what the doctor ordered, as we offer the following:

  • Complete handling of an organization’s entire regulatory compliance initiatives, from project planning to report issuance.
  • Working directly with external auditors and third-party assessors/consultants in planning, implementing, and executing compliance requirements.
  • Reporting upstream to management compliance results, and any necessary remediation activities.
  • Huge cost savings as organizations relieve themselves of having to hire full-time employees with full health benefits.
  • A high-degree of transparency in all aspects of your compliance needs.

HIPAA/CCPA Remediation/Internal Assessments

FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA and other healthcare regulations also consist of performing much-needed remediation activities. Internal controls can always be improved upon, and because of that, remediation is just a way of life. Security policies have to be updated. Technical configurations need to be performed. New software tools and solutions have to be procured. The list is almost endless, and it’s a main reason why organization’s hire FLANK for compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA and other healthcare regulations.

Benefits of our remediation services include the following:

  • Independent, objective assessment of internal controls and what remediation services need to be performed.
  • Expertise in information security policy writing remediation.
  • Expertise in security and technical control remediation, such as making changes and enhancements to information systems.
  • All at a cost that’s a fraction of what you’d pay a full-time compliance officer.

The need for remediating internal controls will be necessary, trust on this, so wouldn’t it be nice to turn to a firm with years of real-world experience with healthcare compliance? Talk to FLANK and let’s get started with our compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA/

Procurement Services for Compliance Tools

Many of the regulatory compliance mandates for HIPAA/CCPA require procuring, implementing, and maintaining a plethora of security solutions. If you’re in the healthcare industry, then you’ll need to implement two-factor authentication, file integrity monitoring, audit logging/audit trails collection, and more. The North American healthcare market is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and it shows with the number of tools and solutions you’ll need. Why FLANK, then? Because we can find your organization the right product at the right price, saving you an incredible amount of time and money on sourcing and implementing various tools and solutions.
Benefits of FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions and services for procurement include the following:

  • We actively identify all major vendors and solutions, effectively mapping them to your organization’s needs.
  • Determine technical specifications, needs, scoping parameters for ensuring the right solutions.
  • Act as your advocate in obtaining the best pricing and service model available.
  • Assist in implementing all solutions, if necessary.

Ongoing HIPAA/CCPA Compliance Management

Compliance is a constant, a never-ending process. Because of that, you need to spend considerable time each year in maintaining your compliance efforts. It means assessing, testing, correcting, and remediating internal controls – and that’s time-consuming, indeed. It also requires personnel competent in the ways of regulatory compliance – another challenging endeavor. Why get stuck with a massive payroll for regulatory compliance when you can save thousands on a contracted compliance officer? Don’t forget the huge health and benefits costs these employees also command. Is there a better solution? There is – turn to FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA, and any other regulatory mandate you have.

Benefits of FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions for regulatory management include:

  • Regular testing of internal controls from an unbiased, independent third-party.
  • Clear, concise and transparent reporting to management on finding and remediation concerns.
  • Implementation of efficient workflow procedures in collecting audit evidence for your HIPAA/CCPA auditors.
  • The ability to stay impartial and objective for all of your ongoing compliance management activities.

Completion of Vendor Security Questionnaires

An essential – and very time-consuming – process for growing your business is answering those long, detailed, and terribly mundane security questionnaires. They can literally take hours to complete, and it seems like nobody within an organization really wants to take ownership of such a task. Can you blame them! With one’s workload as full as it is, the last thing somebody wants is a dreaded security questionnaire from a prospect or current client. FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA and other healthcare regulations regarding vendor security questionnaires includes the following:

  • Taking complete ownership of the entire vendor security questionnaire process, from answering each question to submittal back to vendors, along with follow-up as needed.
  • Building a structured process that allows us to answer questionnaires quickly and efficiently with the use of a customized database of pre-populated answers.

Contracted Outsourced Compliance Officer

Regulatory compliance is the new norm, thus the importance of having a competent and capable compliance officer is highly essential. But why spend close to six-figures (or often more!) – and not to mention health and wellness benefits – on a full-time regulatory compliance officer? The most cost-effective and better decision is to hire FLANK as your compliance outsourcing solutions and services provider for HIPAA/CCPA and other healthcare regulations. We’ll get the job done.

Benefits of Compliance Outsourcing HIPAA/CCPA

We could speak for hours on the benefits of FLANK’s compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA, CCPA – or any other regulation – but here’s what you need to know:

  • Substantial savings when compared to full-time salaried compliance officers.
  • Our main goal is compliance – only compliance – so we stay transparent and objective.
  • We take complete control over all aspects of compliance, from planning to audit report review & delivery.
  • We stay on the leading edge of compliance rules, regulations, and InfoSec best practices.

With FLANK, you never miss a beat, as we keep your business functioning as required for regulatory compliance. Want to talk about our compliance outsourcing solutions and services? Then contact us today.

Take the Next Step with FLANK

Taking the next step with regulatory compliance in terms of saving money and time begins by hiring FLANK for our compliance outsourcing solutions and services for HIPAA/CCPA and other requirements. If you’re knee-deep into regulatory compliance and need help, we’re just a phone call or an email away.

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