Regulatory and Cybersecurity Compliance Outsourcing Services

Cybersecurity threats are growing larger and more dangerous each year. Businesses are under attack like never before. You need a competent, talented, and highly professional team of cybersecurity experts. But with skyrocketing costs, what can businesses do? You need an outsourced compliance officer and you need outsourced cybersecurity services for compliance from FLANK. We’re a leader in the war against hackers, malware, and all other types of malicious cyber-attacks – and we can help your organization in protecting your assets. How? By providing a complete set of services, tools, and solutions for managing one’s entire cybersecurity platform.

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FLANK’s outsourced cybersecurity services consist of the following:
  • Cybersecurity compliance planning & project management
  • Experts in all regulatory and cybersecurity frameworks
  • Cybersecurity compliance remediation/internal assessments
  • Procurement services for cybersecurity compliance
  • Ongoing cybersecurity compliance management
  • Contracted outsourced compliance officer

Regulatory Compliance Planning & Management

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have massive regulatory and cybersecurity compliance requirements – initiatives that are costing an immense amount of time and money. Compliance can be painful and expensive – no debating that – but easing the pain begins by finding a competent firm capable of offering world-class outsourced cybersecurity services, and that’s FLANK. Our expertise in regulatory and cybersecurity compliance is well-known, offering an endless list of services for meeting your goals.

Here’s what FLANK can do for you in terms of outsourced cybersecurity services and solutions:
  • Identify, procure, and implement all required regulatory and cybersecurity compliance tools and solutions.
  • Work with external auditors in planning, implementing, and executing all phases of compliance.
  • Be a true, unbiased, independent advocate for senior management – and your entire business – when it comes to regulatory and cybersecurity best practices.
  • Offer clear and transparent reporting to senior management on all aspects of regulatory and cybersecurity compliance.
  • Become your voice for cybersecurity with FLANK’s proven outsourced cybersecurity services – all at a much-reduced rate when compared to full-time employees.

Experts in all Regulatory and Cybersecurity Frameworks

FLANK offers outsourced compliance officer services for the following regulatory and cybersecurity frameworks:

  • SOC Audits (SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3)
  • DFARS 800-171

Don’t see your regulatory or cybersecurity framework listed? We’re confident we can handle whatever your outsourced compliance officer needs are.

Cybersecurity Compliance Remediation/Internal Assessments

Many of today’s regulatory compliance frameworks require businesses to spend considerable efforts in remediating internal controls. Perhaps you have missing policies and procedures, your technical controls aren’t functioning as required, or you need to procure additional tools. We can help as FLANK has years of experience working with almost every regulatory compliance framework currently in place. From the AICPA SOC framework to the never-ending healthcare legislative requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Many of the today’s compliance remediation activities can be incredibly time-consuming, ultimately costing your business precious man-hours – hours you can’t afford to lose and can’t get back! You need an outsourced compliance officer, somebody like FLANK to take complete control of your remediation needs.

Procurement services for cybersecurity compliance

Organizations are also spending quite a bit of time in sourcing and implementing any number of security tools and solutions for compliance. Perhaps it’s a File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) tool, or maybe a two-factor authentication (2FA) security solution. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as many more security tools are often required for regulatory compliance. But making the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. Imagine overpaying for the wrong product – it happens all the time. You need an outsourced compliance officer who understands the security market, can find and procure tools that fit your business model – and your bottom-line in terms of costs.

Benefits of FLANK’s procurement services include the following:
  • We source the very best tools and services for your company.
  • We leverage our relationships and partnerships with trusted vendors.
  • We work hard to secure the best products at the best prices for your business.
  • The result is immense savings in both time and money.

Ongoing cybersecurity compliance management

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an outsourced compliance officer is the ability to continue to maintain your ongoing cybersecurity and regulatory compliance requirements. All of today’s regulations and frameworks require annual compliance – there’s no getting around it – so you need to put in place an efficient process for managing compliance reporting.

Contracted Outsourced Compliance Officer

Have you stopped to think how much money you’re actually spending on regulatory compliance. We’re not just talking about fees you pay auditors for annual reports – it goes much deeper than that. What about the salaries for your compliance officers? How about the loss in revenue because of compliance commitments and inefficiencies? The list is almost endless, and its why businesses turn to FLANK when in need of a contracted outsourced compliance officer. Can we really save you that much time and money? You bet we can.

Just take a look at the benefits of using us:
  • Huge costs savings when compared to a full-time compliance officer.
  • A high-degree of independence and transparency – something employees often don’t exhibit.
  • Keeping you up-do-date on all trends in the ever-emerging world of regulatory compliance.
  • Reporting upstream to management any issues or constraints that employees won’t often report.
  • Your trusted and cost-effective advisor for all contracted outsourced compliance.

Take the Next Step with FLANK

Want to learn more about FLANK’s outsourced compliance officer services? Then contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation about your needs. We can save you thousands of dollars, countless headaches, while offering the very best outsourced compliance officer services.

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