Comprehensive ISO 27000 - 27033 Services

FLANK offers ISO 27001/27002/27005/27017/27032 consulting services from a highly experienced team of consultants with ISO 27000 expertise. Per ISO (, they are an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 162 national standards bodies. Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. There are a number of ISO publications, many of them well-known, but for purposes of information technology, information security, and cybersecurity, it’s the ISO 27000 series publications that garner the most interest. FLANK offers consulting services and solutions for all of the published ISO 27000 series of standards, such as ISO 27001/27002/27005/27017/27032, and many more. Here's an overview of the ISO 27000 standards and the related services offered by FLANK.

Download the ISO 27001/27002: 2013 All-in-One Toolkit

Researched and authored by well-versed ISO 27000 security experts, our ISO 27001/27002: 2013 All-in-One Toolkit contains almost 600 pages of information security and operational specific policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates – and more – all mapped directly to the specific ISO 27002: 2013 controls. You’ll receive a comprehensive set of MS Word policy and procedures templates for each of the ISO 27002:2013 security controls, along with supporting policies and procedures that essentially enhances each of the ISO 27002 security controls. Developing an ISMS has never been easier, thanks to the ISO 27001/27002: 2013 Toolkit from FLANK. Learn more today by viewing the product data sheet.

ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 "Information technology - Security techniques - Information Security Management Systems - Requirements", more commonly known as ISO 27001. ISO 27001 has become very well-known and widely adopted by organizations all throughout the globe, and for good reason. For organizations seeking to establish an "Information Security Management System" (ISMS) – and then become certified – they have to adhere to the ISO 27001 provisions. FLANK provides comprehensive consulting, strategy, and policy writing services relating to both ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.

ISO 27002

ISO/IEC 27002: 2013 Information Technology – Security Techniques - Code of Practice for Information Security Controls ISO27002: 2013 is the international Standard that supports the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the requirements set forth within ISO/IEC 2700 :2013. It effectively establishes the guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management within an organization. FLANK provides comprehensive consulting, strategy, and policy writing services relating to both ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

ISO 27005

ISO/IEC 27005:2011 (ISO 27005) Information technology – Security techniques – Information security risk management. ISO/IEC 27005:2011 is part of the ISO27000 series of standards that provides guidelines for information security risk management. It supports the general concepts as outlined and illustrated within ISO/IEC 27001 and is thus designed to assist the implementation of information security based on a risk management approach. The information put forth within ISO/IEC 27005 is relevant to all organizations, regardless of size or type. From the private sector to non-profit or public sectors, the concept of risk management is always relevant, thus making this ISO standard essential for any organization. FLANK provides comprehensive consulting, strategy, and policy writing services relating for ISO 27005, along with risk assessment programs for immediate download today at

ISO 27017

ISO/IEC 27017:2015 – Security techniques – Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud services is a helpful supplement to ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013, containing additional security controls and guidance relating to the growing use of cloud services and solutions. Based on a shared approach to cloud security in that both Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and their customers both accept specific responsibilities, ISO 27017 is therefore useful for both types of entities. More specifically, customers can essentially utilize ISO 27017 for assessing responsibilities for CSP’s, essentially ensuring the such CSP’s have in place all necessary policies, procedures, and processes for information security in the cloud. FLANK provides comprehensive consulting, strategy, and policy writing services relating for ISO 27017.

ISO 27032

ISO/IEC 27032:2012 Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for cybersecurity, the international cyber security Standard, offers detailed information for improving the state of cyber security, thereby expanding on the unique aspects of that activity and its dependencies on other security domains, while focusing in particular on: (1). Information security. (2). Network security. (3). Internet security. (4). Critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP). FLANK provides comprehensive consulting, strategy, and policy writing services relating for ISO 27032, along with cyber incident response and reporting programs (CIRRP) for immediate download today at

ISO 27033

ISO/IEC 27033-1:2015 Information technology – Security techniques – Network security – Part 1: Overview and concepts offers an in-depth overview of network security and related definitions. It essentially outlines and defines the various concepts relating to network security. And as for Network security, it essentially applies to the security of devices (i.e., routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, etc.) of management activities related to such devices, applications/services and end users, and of the information being transferred across the communication links.

ISO 27033 is relevant to any entity that owns, operates, or uses a network. This includes, but is not limited to, senior management, operational management, and other non-technical managers or users, that have specific responsibilities for information security and/or network security, network operations, or who are responsible for an entity’s I.T. internal controls and the related policies, procedures, and processes. Moreover, ISO 27033 is also relevant to anyone involved in the planning, design and implementation of an organization’s network.

ISO/IEC 27033-2:2012 Information technology – Security techniques – Network Security – Part 2 - Guidelines for the design and implementation of network security complements ISO27033-1, while also offering guidelines for organizations to plan, design, implement and document network security as a whole. From a scope perspective, network security applies to the security of devices, security of management activities related to the devices, applications/services and end-users. FLANK provides comprehensive consulting, strategy, and policy writing services relating for ISO 27033.

ISO 27000 Consulting Experts

FLANK provides a wide variety of ISO 27000 consulting services, from information security policies and procedures templates, toolkits, and writing services to readiness assessments, control implementation, and much more. Developing and implementing an ISMS can take time, money, and resources, and FLANK is ready to assist. Learn more about our industry leading ISO 27001/27001 Toolkit today at