ISO 27005 Risk Management Consultants

FLANK offers industry leading ISO 27005 risk assessment consulting services, templates & risk management toolkits available for instant download, along with general ISO 27000 series (i.e., ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27005, ISO 27017, ISO 27032, and more) consulting and auditing services. In a time of growing compliance mandates, ISO 27005 has become an important element in assessing risk throughout an organization’s environment, which ultimately means performing a risk assessment, and also documenting such results.

ISO 27005: 2011 - Information technology — Security techniques — Information security risk management, provides guidelines for information security risk management for an organization, particularly in regards to information security management (ISMS) according to ISO/IEC 27001. However, it's important to note that ISO 27005: 2011, does not provide any specific method for information security risk management, rather, it's the responsibility of organizations to actually define their approach to risk management.

Such an approach - and the supporting tools, techniques, and methodologies - can vary greatly, depending on an organization's ISMS, context of risk management, or industry sector. As such, a number of existing methodologies can be used under the framework described within ISO 27005: 2001 regarding the implementation requirements of an ISMS. FLANK offers a comprehensive risk management platform consisting of various policies, procedures, templates, and other supporting material needed for performing a risk assessment as required for an ISMS. The toolkit is available for instant download today at

ISO 27005 Risk Management Toolkit

Available for instant download, our Risk Management Packet comes complete with the following three (3) sections

Section I: Risk Management Policy and Procedures document

An incredibly detailed, well-written policy and procedures template developed by compliance experts that cover essential policies, procedures, processes, and other related risk topics.

Section II: Risk Assessment Template

Comprehensive, easy-to-use, and navigate risk assessment template via Microsoft Word that covers the sixteen (16) core categories of risk.

Section III: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) Document

No risk management framework is complete without a well-written, comprehensive, and in-depth Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCDRP) document, one that details essential steps to undertaken in the event of a disaster. Our BCDRP document includes all relevant information for helping you effectively document all necessary steps in the event of a disaster.

Proven ISO 27000 Series Consulting Services & Solutions

Along with offering an ISO 27005 risk assessment template & risk management matrix toolkit available for instant download, FLANK provides a wide-range of ISO 27000 series consulting services and solutions, such as the following:

ISO 27001 Readiness Assessments

We offer services for helping organizations all throughout North America and Europe regarding the proper planning and implementation of an ISMS. Often, a lack of internal documentation (i.e., information security policies and procedures), coupled with deficient internal controls require entities to undertake significant remediation prior to the implementation of an ISMS, and ultimately, ISO 27001 certification. As to the controls that need remediation, the policies that require writing, and the processes that need to be implemented, we can assist, and it all begins by performing an ISO 27001 risk assessment.

ISO 27002 Control Selection

ISO 27002 is a comprehensive document indeed, thus selecting the proper controls and related control clauses is essential for implementing an ISMS. FLANK can assist in determining which controls should be implemented, the actual process for implementation, and then assist in such endeavors. From authoring ISO 27001/27002 policies and procedures to configuring information systems in terms of provisioning and hardening – and more – FLANK has the resources for helping you become compliant.

ISO 27001/27002 Policies and Procedures

One of the hallmarks of our products and service offering are the wide-range of information security policies, templates, and toolkits FLANK offers for immediate download. Name your regulatory compliance mandate – ISO 27000 series, FISMA, DFARS 800-171, HIPAA, and more – and it’s safe to say we have a solution for your documentation needs. As for ISO, FLANK’s ISO 27001/27002 All-in-One Toolkit delivers like no other, offering over 500 + pages of professionally developed, well-written, and easy-to-use templates. If you’re looking for ISO template that’ll save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on InfoSec policy development, consider our ISO 27001/27002 All-in-One Toolkit today. Visit to learn more.

ISO 27005 Risk Management Experts

Download the industry leading ISO 27005 risk assessment template & risk management matrix toolkit today from FLANK and visit us at to learn more about our products, solutions and services for businesses all throughout North America and Europe.