Cloud Industry Forum | Overview | Code of Practice | SIGs | Certification

Established in 2009, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is an organization actively involved in promoting the use of cloud platforms along with developing, standardizing, and implementing best practices for the “cloud. CIF aims to have in place a credible Code of Practice for the “cloud”, encourage adoption and leveraging of such codes, along with supporting and promoting similar cloud measures.

Cloud Industry Form | Code of Practice | Self-Certification

The core platform for the CIF is the Code of Practice, a comprehensive program consisting of annual self-certifications, along with confirming successful results to the CIF, which allows use of the Certification Mark (the ‘logo’) for the following year. Additionally, a listing of self-certification organizations will be posted on the CIF website, while an organization can also opt for an Independent Certification performed by an approved CIF entity. Additionally, the CIF states they will conduct random audit Self-Certification, while also investigating any formal complaints of non-compliance against an organization that is actually claiming compliance.

The CIF offers a tremendous amount of information for anyone seeking to learn more about cloud computing, especially regarding the safety and security of such platforms. From white papers to conference and membership options, anyone wanting to be “in the know” regarding the cloud should consider the CIF a serious resource.

Security Policies are Essential for the CIF Code of Practice | Lean More

A large part of compliance with relevant benchmark, standard, or framework – the CIF begin no different – is having documented policies and procedures, both for operational areas and for information security. Writing them from scratch can be an extremely arduous and time-consuming process, and it’s why businesses around the world rely on the FLANK21 set of documents.  With literally hundreds of policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates – and more – to choose from, FLANK should be your only choice when it comes to high-quality, industry leading documentation.