CFPB Compliance, Assessments, and CFPB Policies

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a federal agency created in 2011 as part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in response to the great recession. Technically speaking, the CFPB, according to its website at, has a mandate “to protect consumers by carrying out federal consumer financial laws”. Quite a general statement, one that lends itself to broad oversight and tremendous enforcement powers within the financial markets of the United States economy.

Of particular importance is the CFPB Supervision and Examination Manual, which is the “the guide our examiners use in overseeing companies that provide consumer financial products and services”, according to the CFPB. Additionally, there are numerous additional guidance documents specific to core areas within the consumer markets (i.e., mortgages, debt collection, etc.) that also supplement the actual CFPB Supervision and Examination

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What’s important to note are two (2) fundamental issues regarding the CFPB:

  • Examinations are being undertaken on various organizations for which the CFPB has broad oversight on.
  • Information security, operational, and business specific policies and procedures are highly critical for ensuring CFPB compliance. For more evidence of this, simply conduct a basic search within the Examination manual and the other supporting documents and you’ll find terms such as “policies, security, internal control”, etc., sprinkled throughout.  
  • Simply stated, developing CFPB policies and procedures can be a time-consuming task, so turn to the federal InfoSec policy experts today and learn more abour the Global Information Security Polic Toolkit (GISPT).

Industry Leading CFPB Security Policies and Procedures 

FLANK provides in-depth CFPB information security and operational strategy and consulting services for helping ensure businesses are compliant with the actual Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mandates. Additionally, we offer what’s arguably the most in-depth set of informations security policies, procedures – and other essential documentation – found anywhere today – material critical for CFPB compliance. Learn more about our signature product, the Global Information Security Polic Toolkit (GISPT) and how our documentation can help your organization in developing much-needed CFPB policies and procedures.