63. What is Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and why are information security policies so important, and do you offer comprehensive I.T. security documentation?

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is a well-used principle regarding access rights for users to various system resources. More specifically, once users have successfully identified and authenticated themselves, they are then authorized (i.e., allowed) to perform certain functions and operations within those system resources based on specific roles afforded to them. For example, an individual designated as a business reporting administrator from an organization can generally perform specific functions, such as querying reports, developing statistical analytics, etc.

In essence, these “functions” for such a role (i.e., business reporting administrator) have been clearly defined and established within a given system. Thus, the three (3) main rules for RBAC are role assignment (i.e., assignment of a role for a user), role authorization (i.e., authorization of a role for a user), and permissions (i.e., executing permissions, so long as the user is assigned to a role, and also authorized). Furthermore, RBAC plays an important role in the concept of Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).

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For any organization to implement RBAC and the concept of AAA, it’s essential to have comprehensive operational and information security policies and procedures in place. FLANK a global leader in providing industry leading policy and procedure documentation, offers the FLANK21 set of policies, procedures – and more – containing hundreds of essential, must-have operational and security documents.  For purposes of RBAC, the FLANK21 set of documents comes complete with a number of essential user access right documents for the entire provisioning and de-provisioning process, such as forms, checklists and templates.

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Additionally, the all-inclusive set of documents also contains numerous operational and business specific documents, such as policies, procedures, and program material for risk assessment, incident response handling, security awareness training, social media, usage policies, fraud awareness, and more. FLANK provides much more than basic policy templates – anyone can do that – and it’s why we go the extra mile in offering so much more.