8. What is NIST SP 800-30, and do you have policy and procedure documents that align with this specific NIST publication, along with additional information security policies and procedures?

NIST SP 800-30, “Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments”, is yet another document in a long line of excellent, high-quality publications put forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As for the specifics of SP 800-30, it provides a comprehensive overview of the broader subject of risk, such as how to successfully prepare and conduct a risk assessment, communicate such results, along with continuously monitoring one’s environment, and much more. In today’s growing world of cyber security threats and challenges, organizations need to start assessing risk in a much more in-depth and formalized manner, and SP 800-30 is an excellent document for beginning such endeavors. NIST SP 800-30 covers the following essential processes for risk assessments:

  • Preparing for the risk assessment process
  • Conducting the risk assessment
  • Communicate the results
  • Maintaining assessments

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It’s an excellent – and easy-to-understand and interpret – process for assessing one’s risk within an organization, yet to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, you’ll need documented and highly formalized risk management material, such as templates available for instant download from FLANK. Along with receiving hundreds of information security and operational policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, provisioning and hardening documents – and more – you’ll also get a complete risk management packet, detailing steps for undertaking an actual risk assessment. It’s just one of the many high-quality, industry leading security forms found within the FLANK21 set of documents.

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From assessing risk on an annual basis to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of critical system resources, information security professionals are being challenged like never before, and understandably so. One of the very best ways for helping put in place security best practices – while also meeting growing compliance mandates – is having high-quality, comprehensive, enterprise-wide information security policies and procedures firmly embedded within your organization. After all, informing and instructing personnel of their roles, responsibilities and actions is now more important than ever. Trust the experts at FLANK for all your information security and regulatory compliance, consulting, and policy needs.