62. What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and why are information security policies and procedures so important, and do you offer comprehensive I.T. security documentation?

Data Loss Preventions (DLP) is a process whereby an organization readily identifies, monitors, and detects sensitive and confidential information, while also establishing controls for ensuring such data is not sent by users, either intentionally, or unintentionally, to unauthorized parties. In today’s world where businesses hold vast and copious amounts of data, ranging from Personally Identifiable Information (PII), ePHI, along with other types of sensitive data, a well-defined Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program is an absolute necessity. The frequency of cyber security threats and attacks – many which have resulted in significant data breaches – makes DLP all the more important for organizations serious about information security. As such, look at an organization’s DLP platform as one that includes the use of any number of various DLP software tools, along with a comprehensive policy and procedure document discussing the actual DLP practices.

Additionally, the concept of Data Loss Prevention is also referred to as any number of the following: data leak prevention, information leak prevention, etc. And while numerous layers within one’s information systems architecture play a part in DLP, it’s often the software solutions available from many of today’s top security vendors that constitute the primary tool for DLP.

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While obtaining and implementing these tools is a good first step, a well-defined DLP policy and procedure document – such as the one provided by FLANK – is also a necessity. After all, key provisions within one’s DLP program must be formally documented, and that’s the goal of the FLANK DLP policy and procedure template. But you’ll receive much more than a DLP template – specifically –when purchasing the FLANK21 set of operational, business specific, and information security documents from FLANK, organizations will receive hundreds of professionally developed policies, procedures, and more. From documentation for information security, to dozens of other templates for risk assessment, fraud awareness, social media –and so much more – the FLANK21 set of documents is a must-have for any business requiring high-quality policies, procedures, and other essential material.

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Additionally, today’s regulatory compliance laws, legislation, and industry directives all share a unique and common trait – the requirement for documented, enterprise-wide operational and information security policies and procedures, which can be obtained from FLANK.