12. What is COBIT and do you have information security policy and procedure documents that can assist with helping implement the COBIT framework?

COBIT is a framework developed and put forth by ISACA that consists of a globally accepted, industry leading set of best practices regarding the overall governance and management of Information Technology. Over the years, there have been a number of notable COSO publications, each providing in-depth detail on various topics and subject matter deemed critical to organizational I.T. COBIT 5 for Information Security is what many organizations are utilizing for ensuring a comprehensive set of information security practices are in place, which ultimately require policies, procedures, and other supporting documentation for meeting the stated COBIT 5 provisions.

Additionally, COBIT also "maps" to other well-known frameworks and models, which also require information security policy and procedure documentation for adherence also. It's a great framework indeed - lengthy and detailed, no doubt - but many organizations are finding tremendous value with it, as they have with previous COBIT frameworks and publications.

Policies and Procedures are Important for Adhering to COBIT

But again, adhering to any framework, such as COBIT, will require organizations to have a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and other supporting documentation. Without this type of material, compliance is simply not possible. For example, many of the requirements within the COSO 5 for Information Security publication require organizations to "establish, "maintain", "develop", "report", something related to information technology. The only way any of this can be effectively achieved is by having a comprehensive set of operational and information security documents that help meet these requirements. Once again, the all-inclusive set of documents from FLANK is your answer for helping with COBIT compliance or with any other benchmark, standard, framework, or model.

To learn more about COBIT, visit ISACA today at ww.isaca.org, where you'll find a wealth of information o the actual COBIT framework, especially that of COBIT 5.

Download Information Security Policies and Procedures Today

If you're looking for I.T. security documents to assist with COBIT compliance, then view the following sample policy document today from the FLANK21 set of policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates and provisioning and hardening documents, and see for yourself how detailed, in-depth, and comprehensive our documentation is.