61. What is change management and why are information security policies so important, and do you offer comprehensive I.T. security documentation?

Change management, much like the principle of configuration management, is extremely broad-based, applying itself to many disciplines, but for purposes of information security, it’s generally viewed as a structured process for requesting, reviewing, evaluating, approving, along with actually making the change itself, and finally, confirming the change has been made and its objectives have been adequately met. As for the types of changes undertaken within an information systems environment, they typically include changes to enterprise-wide environments (those considered "internal facing"), along with customer facing environments (those that impact, affect, or are part of a "customer facing" product or service). Additionally, the actual systems for which changes are made to include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Network Devices
  • Hardware
  • Servers (Operating Systems)
  • Applications
  • Databases
  • Security and Patch Management
  • Maintenance and Outages (for operations and information systems)

Change Management Program Template | Hundreds of Policies Available for Download

Change management – also called “change control” is without question a critical area within information systems for any organization – one that requires a highly structured, formalized, and well-documented process, complete with policies, procedures, and supporting forms. The best place to start in implementing such a plan is with a professionally developed, high-quality change management program template, which is offered by FLANK for immediate download.

As an industry leader in the field of operational and information security documentation, FLANK offers organizations the FLANK21 set of policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, provisioning and hardening documents – and more – for purchase and immediate download. The all-inclusive set contains literally hundreds of exceptionally high-quality operational, business specific, and information security documentation. 

Information Security Policies | Hundreds Available for Download

Remember also that the continuous growth of regulatory compliance legislation is forcing companies to not only get serious about information security, but to also have numerous policy and procedure documents in place, with change management always at the top of the list. The FLANK21 change management documentation comes complete with policies, procedures, and all necessary change control forms. Lastly, good change management practices only reinforces and strengthens an organization’s security posture, especially when it comes to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of one’s information systems landscape.