39. What are the NSA Security Configuration Guides and why are information security policies and procedures so important today, and do you offer comprehensive I.T. security documentation?

The NSA security Configuration Guides consist of in-depth provisioning and hardening publications from the National Security Agency (nsa.gov) for a “wide variety of software, both open source and proprietary, according to the NSA. As for the security configuration guides, they cover a wide range of areas, such as applications, operating systems, database servers, switches, wireless – and many others – while also providing valuable information, such as “fact sheets”, “supporting documents”, etc. Look upon the NSA security configuration guides as high-quality and very useful documentation for today’s security conscious organizations. Recent publications on cloud computing and other notable topics offer great advice on many essential security issues affecting today’s organizations, so spending time downloading many of these publications can be a real benefit.

The documentation offered by the NSA is generally not as lengthy as other publications put forth by other entities and you may not find guidance on a number of industry specific systems and software, so pleased be advised. Even with that said, when the name “NSA” appears on documents – such as the security configuration guides - there’s a certain level of authority granted to them. Visit nsa.gov to learn more.

Information Security Policies and Procedures | A Perfect Addition to NSA Docs

Seeking out industry leading provisioning and hardening documents (i.e., NSA security configuration guides) is always a good security practice - one that leads to safer and more secure systems within an organization – and that’s always a good thing in today’s technology driven world. What’s also needed for information security best-practices are documented policies and procedures, along with essential provisioning and hardening documents, such as those offered by FLANK.  Let’s face the facts, policies are a strict requirement for regulatory compliance, but they’re also extremely important in documenting one’s information systems architecture. Knowing the essential “who, what, when, where and why” of one’s security posture and network is a must – no question about it. So trust the experts at FLANK and the industry leading FLANK21 set of operational, business specific, and information security policies, procedures, forms, checklists, templates, provisioning and hardening documents and more.

Hundreds of Information Security Templates to Choose From

With hundreds of documents to choose from, the GISP set of templates is a mush-have for organizations.  So give the NSA security configuration guides a try, and also visit FLANK to learn more about our industry leading security documents, the FLANK21 set of documents.