Security Awareness Training – Onsite/In-House – Custom Classes, Manuals, Consulting

Security awareness training is one of the biggest requirements for today’s growing regulatory compliance requirements. FLANK offers security awareness training solutions including onsite/in-house training, custom classes, PowerPoint (PPT) courses, manuals, and more. From the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to HIPAA, FISMA compliance – and more – the need for security awareness training has never been greater.

Companies looking to move away from the one-size fits all approach of security awareness training and into role-based training modules can now access a wide-range of materials for instant download today at As cybersecurity threats continue to grow and challenge organizations, companies need to start thinking long and hard about the types of security awareness training their employees undertake.

Failing to provide proper security awareness training ultimately puts your organization at risk as employees simply don’t have the resources or skillsets for responding to the ever-growing cyber-attacks that are paralyzing businesses throughout the globe. For security awareness training to be effective, it needs to be comprehensive, current, detailed, yet easy-to-absorb and understand, and that’s what FLANK offers.

Proven Solutions for Security Awareness Training

FLANK’s security awareness training materials – from our PowerPoint (PPT) courses to training manuals, onsite/in-house training, and more – have been painstakingly researched and developed by InfoSec and compliance consultants with decades of proven experience. Remember, the very best way for an organization to protect its critical assets begins by having competent, qualified, and well-trained employees in place – individuals who can identify, respond, and assist in mitigating today’s growing list of cybersecurity threats.

Proven Security Awareness Training Solutions for your Business

Security Awareness Training Packets

An easy, cost-effective, and great tool for training employees on current cybersecurity issues, threats – and best practices – is to instantly download FLANK’s industry leading security awareness training packets. You’ll receive a comprehensive security awareness training material consisting of a Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) presentation, a security awareness training manual, tracking spreadsheet, certificate of completion, along with a well-written policy and procedures template.

Training Specific to Various Industries

While offering security awareness training packets for instant download, we can also develop training modules specific to your industry. From agriculture to information technology, whatever the security awareness training topic is you need, we can develop it. Additionally, because even our customized training modules start with a base level of subject matter, the costs incurred for additional custom material is only marginal. It’s one of the many benefits of using FLANK for security awareness training.

Onsite/In-House Custom Training

Looking for security awareness training onsite/in-house for your employees? If so, FLANK offers multiple solutions for such training, from general PowerPoint presentations to more in-depth hands on training – it all depends on your needs. We’ve worked companies of all sizes, industries and locations throughout North American and Europe in offering in-house security awareness training. Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

Additional Security Awareness Training Solutions

Have an idea or need for security awareness training that’s outside any of the above described solutions? Then lets us know, and we can make it happen. Remember, nothing protects and organization better than well-trained, security-minded employees who can react quickly to security issues and threats. Sure, technology is great for fighting cybersecurity threats, but the human factor is still the best – and first – line of defense.

Leading Providers of Security and Compliance Solutions

Authoring information security policies and procedures is often challenging. Documenting internal controls and remediating deficiencies is time-consuming. Emerging cybersecurity threats are everywhere. Need help? FLANK is here to assist in every way possible, offering proven solutions for today’s demanding compliance and cybersecurity challenges. Whatever the need is – from InfoSec policy creation to technical remediation of controls, penetration testing, software/security tool assessment and selection assistance – and more – we’re here to help. Learn more about FLANK’s security awareness training solutions including onsite/in-house training, custom classes, PowerPoint (PPT) courses, manuals, and more, at today.