Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Information security threats are everywhere today. What you need is a leading cybersecurity firm that offers proven consultants and services for businesses with demanding security needs.  It’s almost unreal how much the world has transformed in recent years, thanks in large part to the growth of the Internet and systems that support the facilitation of online interaction. e-commerce stores are everywhere. Data is being mined at almost unprecedented levels of efficiency. As technology changes, so do the security needs of businesses, and its why FLANK was born.  We’re small enough to care, but big enough to get the job done, offering the following cybersecurity consulting services for businesses:

Vendor Due Diligence

With outsourcing continuing to grow at unprecedented rates, businesses need to be sure they’re properly vetting all organizations they work with, especially those providing essential services. Do you truly know who your business partners are? Do they have adequate internal controls in place for protecting your assets? Just a few of the questions you need to be asking yourself when conducting vendor due-diligence. FLANK has a proven system in place for “digging deep” into a vendor’s background, identifying any discrepancies or issues that should be cause for concern.

I.T. Due Diligence

Growing cybersecurity threats are forcing businesses to radically re-think how they – and the third-parties providing services to them – assess the subject of information security. Nobody wants to be a victim of a data breach, and no business wants to be caught off guard in terms of using a third-party with an inadequate system of I.T. controls. The solution is easy. Hire the experts at FLANK who can perform an exhaustive I.T. due-diligence engagement in a relatively short period of time. From mergers and acquisitions to comprehensive internal control assessments, FLANK has performed a large number of I.T. due-diligence engagements for our clients. Understanding today’s information security threats is an important measure all businesses need to take very seriously.

Penetration Testing

FLANK offers penetrating services consisting of the following: White Box, Black Box, Gray Box, Network Layer, Application Layer, External Testing, Internal testing, and any other supporting services. Regulatory compliance is a big driver for penetration testing, but so are information security best practices as businesses seek to truly assess their network weaknesses. Choosing the right pen test provider is essential as you’ll want assurances that a safe and effective testing methodology is in place. Poorly performed pen testing often provides little information as to one’s network posture, and they can also result in damage to an organization’s production environment. FLANK performs pen tests the right way, with proper planning and execution.

Incident Response Plans

The ability to effectively respond to growing cyber security incidents, threats, and related risks is often the difference between companies that have significant breaches, and companies that shut down attacks and preserve their vital assets from harm. It only takes minutes to destroy an organization’s assets, and its why business need to learn how to respond swiftly to cyber-attacks, and it’s also why FLANK offers industry leading cyber incident response and reporting plans for immediate download at

We offer a wide-range of plans, beginning with a general use/all-purpose cyber incident response and reporting plan, while also offering specific plans for DoD providers, businesses that operate in the cloud (i.e., Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure), in the healthcare field, along with banking/financial services. Easy-to-use and incredibly well-written, FLANK’s cyber incident response and reporting plans are a must-have for any business. Trust FLANK, the leaders in cybersecurity consulting services for businesses all throughout the globe.

Risk Management & Risk Assessments

Another growing regulatory compliance mandate – and also a best practice every business should be performing – are risk assessments. Specifically, the initiatives for assessing and determining the risks and threats that could jeopardize your business. There are a large number of risk “categories” businesses can assess against – I.T. risks, PII & PHI risks, credit risks, and more – and it’s why FLANK offers a wide-range of risk management & risk assessment programs for immediate download today. What’s your industry – PCI DSS, HIPAA/Healthcare, Banking/Financial services, or something else? We’ve got a risk management & risk assessment program that’ll fit your needs.

All of our documentation is available for instant download today at, so start saving time and money with the very best and easy-to-use risk management & risk assessment program found anywhere today on the Internet.  Assessing risk is a critical component for any company’s success today, and FLANK offers easy-to-use and implement risk management and risk assessment programs for immediate download today.

Governance & Compliance

Organizations that care and place ethics as their top priority are businesses that ultimately succeed in today’s competitive arena. Sure, profits and pleasing shareholders is important, no question about it, but so is treating employees with respect, engaging with one’s community – essentially telling the world you care. FLANK has helped companies all throughout the world in developing world-class corporate governance & compliance solutions, so let us help you today. When it comes to corporate governance consulting, we’re high on the list for many organizations, and for good reason.

Security Awareness Training

Training employees and workforce members on emerging security threats, issues, and best practices is a must in today’s cybersecurity world. While numerous regulatory compliance initiatives require security awareness to be in place – HIPAA, PCI DSS compliance, and more – it’s also a best practice every organization should be doing. Do you want a true frontline defense for cybersecurity threats, then train your employees in a way that they know how to react and respond to attacks! The human element of security – educating and training employees – is still the very best defense against cybersecurity attackers. FLANK offers comprehensive security awareness training programs for immediate download today at Additionally, we also provide in-house training seminars, and can develop highly customized training modules for your exact needs.

InfoSec Policy Writing

Need help in authoring information security policies and procedures? You’re not alone as InfoSec policy creation is one of the most common requests received at FLANK. And with world-class security templates and toolkits available for immediate download, developing policies on your own has never been easier. When it comes to industry leading cybersecurity consulting services for businesses, we deliver.


AWS & Azure Consulting

The cloud is here, and here to stay! Are you contemplating a move to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS? Have questions about cloud strategy, implementation, and deployment? Looking for well-written cloud specific information security policies and procedures? FLANK has years of experience working with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS platforms. We focus on the SMB market, helping businesses that are often neglected by the bigger consulting firms. Whatever your cloud needs are, we can assist.

Cybersecurity Consultants You Can Trust

The business world is more complex than ever, no question about it. Adding to these complexities are growing information security and cybersecurity challenges that can paralyze a business at a moment’s notice. Organizations in today’s world need to be ready for almost anything – DDoS attacks, malicious hackers, insider threats. The more prepared one is, the greater the chances of successfully protecting your assets. FLANK offers a wide range of cybersecurity services and solution, so visit us at to learn more. Trust FLANK, the leaders in cybersecurity consulting services for businesses all throughout the globe.