IT Due Diligence Consultants for M&A | Information Security Due Diligence Consulting

FLANK offers comprehensive I.T. due diligence consulting services for helping organizations effectively assess any type of information security platform within an organization, regardless of industry, size, or location. From rural manufacturing to large-scale health organizations, whatever the business may be, the I.T. due diligence consultants at FLANK are ready to help. With a comprehensive auditing, compliance, and best practices methodology in place, assessing information systems is what we do best, so contact us today to discuss your I.T. due diligence needs.The FLANK I.T. due diligence process is incredibly comprehensive and in-depth, consisting of the following phases:

Phase I

Assessment Inventory: Determine all in-scope hardware, software, and other related assets within an organization’s current information systems environment. A comprehensive asset inventory effectively lays the groundwork for assessing an environment in regards to remediation, best practices, and many other information security issues.

Phase II

Define I.T. Due Diligence and Scope Parameters: Organizations have different needs regarding I.T. due diligence, ranging from financial considerations in M&A transactions to implementing best practices for security reasons, just to name a select few. Because of this, it’s important to assess scope very early on, ultimately agreeing on all important engagement issues.

Phase III

Undertake Auditing and Assessment Procedures: A successful I.T. due diligence framework is one that includes comprehensive measures for assessing and determining all applicable information security and operational policies, procedures, processes, and best practices within an organization. Specifically, it means using predefined scoping templates in accordance with industry leading I.T. benchmarks, standards, and frameworks, and mapping them back to one’s current information security environment.

Phase IV

Report on Findings: In-depth analysis that includes the following subject matter and accompanying detailed information on each area:

  • Listing of current I.T. asset inventory.
  • Identification of all applicable gaps and remediation areas.
  • Comprehensive recommendations for remediation.
  • Financial & operational considerations.
  • Information security considerations.
  • Other essential subject matter as deemed necessary.

Call the I.T. due diligence consulting services today at FLANK. Additionally, we also offer the most comprehensive and in-depth set of information security policies found anywhere today – essential documentation for helping any company put in place enterprise-wide security material.