Experian Precise IDSM Personal Protection Alerts (PIPPA) Policy Writing

FLANK provides comprehensive consulting and policy writing services for Experian’s Precise IDSM Personal Protection Alerts (PIPPA), a product launched by the credit giant for helping assist in the real-time notification process that an individual’s personal information is being used in some type of transaction. Thus, with this product, consumes are essentially notified of any type of activity regarding the use of their personal information, which is a great benefit to consumers, but also a challenge to service businesses integrating PIPPA into their portfolio of services.

More specifically, any type of third-party service provider that stores, processed, and/or transmits Experian provided data can be considered a candidate for both Experian’s EI3PA assessment, and Experian’s due diligence assessments regarding Precise IDSM Personal Protection Alerts (PIPPA).

According to Experian, the product is “…designed to provide accurate and timely notification to consumers via its partners that provide identity monitoring services…” It’s without question a step in the right direction for combatting fraud and today’s ever-growing cyber security threats, so it should be met with great applause, but again, service providers need to be aware of their enormous responsibilities regarding PIPAA. Documented and well-formalized policies, procedures, and process is what’s needed for Experian’s Precise IDSM Personal Protection Alerts (PIPPA), and FLANK can help.

If you’re a service provider to Experian that stores, processes, and/or transmits personal data provided by the credit agency, then developing documentation with the following criteria is a mandate (as stated by Experian’s Precise IDSM Personal Protection Alerts (PIPPA) Questionnaire and Approval Criteria, which can be downloaded today.

We live in a world of growing cyber security challenges and threats – no question about it – and it’s why corporations like Experian are enacting necessary measures for helping ensure the safety and security of personal identification.