InfoSec and Compliance - it's in our DNA

As a full-service information security, cybersecurity and compliance firm, FLANK’s team of professionals have spent decades perfecting their respective professional skills. With globalization now the new norm, businesses need advice from well-skilled individuals that have the knowledge in both understanding and solving complex problems for our clients. That’s FLANK, a U.S. based firm with a global reach to all corners of the earth. When it comes to information security, cybersecurity and compliance, we often find ourselves telling businesses that “we’ve been there, done that”, effectively helping solve almost any type of issue they have.

Information Security Expertise

When it comes to protecting an organization’s network, FLANK has the expertise in helping design, document, and deploy a first-class, best-of-breed architecture. We’ve been doing it for years for clients all around the world, so if it’s security you want, FLANK can deliver. There’s not an information security topic we haven’t seen, so tell us about your needs and we’ll put together a solution for you. Many of today’s InfoSec requirements call for well-written security policies and procedures. We have them. Just visit to learn more about our award-winning toolkits and templates for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

A Regulatory Compliance “Can Do” Attitude

What’s a “Can Do” attitude? It’s one that say yes to our clients when it comes to complex and challenging security and compliance issues. It’s about a team of dedicated professionals who can help any business in meeting their goals in terms of best-of-class security solutions.  And it’s also about caring and giving our customers the very best service each and every time we work with them.  That’s FLANK’s “Can Do”, so let us know how we can help your business. Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and learn more about how we’re helping businesses succeed and thrive when it comes to security and compliance.